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BREAKINKG NEWS: Hi did it! Michał is in Fairbanks ( Alaska, USA )
DISTANCE: 1000 miles
TIME: 33 days


THE PLACE OF ACTION: Canada (Yukon), USA (Alaska)
DISTANCE: over 1000 miles through mountains, forests, frozen lakes
THE TIME OF ACTION: February - March 2017
Stage I - warm-up stage, tests of the equipment, Carcross – Whitehorse, 100km.
Stage II - Yukon Quest Trail ‘Canadian part’, Whitehorse - Dawson City, 700 km.
Stage III - Yukon Quest Trail ‘Canada-US Part’, 900km Dawson City - Fairbanks.

The route of my run will be leading across Yukon Trail - the road of the most famous ‘Yukon Quest’ dog sled race, being held cyclically on distance of 1000 miles (1600km). It is the legendary road between Whitehorse, Dawson and Fairbanks which trappers, gold-diggers and of adventures travelled across. My start in practice will be parallel to the mushers and for-legged heroes of this race.


michałMichal Kielbasinski born in Łódź, Poland in 1968. Eternal student (medicine, geography, informatics). He pursued a lot of professions, from an steeplejack, through IT industry, establishing & running a small incentive company to journalism. In private life: loner-recluse, fan of S-F literature, bosom buddy of all coat colour of animals, photo(very)amateur… He entered the route of a large adventure in 1996, became a participant of a legendary expedition Camel Trophy. Adventure Racer and Ultra Runner. He has won a couple of trophies. He has lost couple of races.
My adventure with Yukon cold began in 2014, by preparations and participating of Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra in February 2015. I was the first Polish who accepted the challenge. I started, I was leading and I failed. The low temperature at night (- 49°C) caused serious frost-bites of my hands and feet. Directly from the route of the race I was transported by a helicopter to the hospital in Whitehorse. On the one hand it was a model defeat, but on the other, it motivated me to rise and take the challenge once again. Not for the glory this time. This time me and You can do something kind.


Man runs for dogs
psy- One of the Whitehorse High Streets (Yukon capital) there is statue signed: "… to all those who follow their dreams". The heroes of the monument, not without a reason, are two Figures - the man and the dog. Exactly to these animals, from the beginning accompanying men in the trip, I would like to devote my run. It is difficult to describe in words how huge help the man received from his most faithful friend. The dog guarded the man, the dog was a shepherd-helper of the man, the dog was a guide of the man, the dog ran for the man pulling a sled. The time has come on behalf of the human tribe to say - Thank you.

Each conquered by me kilometer of the route of the Yukon Quest race is the measurable help for our smaller brothers! Now we all together can leave something good after ourselves. A symbolic human footprint and the canine paw impressed side by side deep in the snow. And deep in human hearts. You can help too! Account for making payment from outside Poland:
SWIF-POLUPLPR IBAN-PL 22801300062001001408650003


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